Toberkeigh GA 2018

Girls’ Association runs through the months of April, May and June (after Girls’ Brigade has ended) and seeks to develop a love for Christ and mission among young girls. Many come along to GA who are not part of our church family, and we love the chance to connect with new and familiar faces. GA is for girls age 4 – mid-teens.

pic of estherOur theme in 2017 covered the Old Testament book of Esther, set in the ancient, opulent palace of the Persian Empire. It is a long-time favourite with children and adults, filled with suspense, surprise, heroes, villains, pageantry, plots, hatred, fear, justice, daring rescue, and more. Quite a saga! For a quick overview watch the video below. 

Through this true story we learned about how God is both with and for his people (especially when they can’t see him), his work of salvation through the perfect representative of his people (Jesus), the part we may play in his sovereign plan, and the ways God helps us to be courageous in standing against evil.


pic of young girls like some in GAOur theme in 2016 was The King and His Kingdom, when in 8 lessons we journeyed through the Bible. On 3 nights we had guests who were either involved or who had been involved in Christian missions share their experience.  The girls participated in games, craft, singing, lessons, quiz and…eating.

The MS PPts below give a flavour of the topics we covered.  Feel free to make non-profit use of them.

Creation & Fall · Flood & Patriarchs · Exodus to Tabernacle · Conquest of Canaan to Judges · The Monarchy · Exile and Return · The Gospels · Acts – Revelation