Toberkeigh Children’s Meetings

This year TCM was rather lively, as the flyers suggest. We enjoyed a week of great fun and games, and connecting with local youth and parents, some well known and some less well known to us. Above all we enjoyed sharing the gospel, and endeavouring to point all to the only true source of life.

Our theme this year centered around the gift of eternal life that God offers to us freely in Jesus Christ, the effects of which are better felt than telt. In giving new life God deals with our bad record, our bad master, our bad hearts, our bad doubts, and our bad worship. Talk 1 Talk 2 Talk 3 Talk 4 Talk 5. Please pray that the seed sown would bear lasting fruit. Thank you to all who supported and joined us.

5-day club flyerLast year (2016) our 5-Day Club had an athletic tone to it as Lynda McAuley of Child Evangelism Fellowship delivered 5 talks on the Christian life.  Each night we viewed  DVD clips from the story of the flying Scotsman Eric Liddle (1924 Olympian), competed in games, sang songs and just enjoyed learning about the truths that bring true freedom.

Each year the week proves a popular event with local youth, and we are blessed here at Toberkeigh to have so many volunteers on the team to make the week safe, enjoyable and meaningful for all. Most of our own senior young people take on responsibilities (supervised!) and enjoy giving to others something of what they have themselves freely received.  Their contribution adds a rich dimension to what is a high-energy week, and it is sincerely welcomed. 

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