PCI mission logo-global concernThe mission of Toberkeigh is to spread the gospel locally and support others globally, as means allow us.  We desire to envision, equip and engage individuals and the whole congregation at some level in God’s global mission.

The first act of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, after the Synod of Ulster united with the Secession Synod in 1840, was the appointment of two missionaries. Waddell reminds, ‘A Church without a Mission to the world lacks one of the primary elements constituting a true Church.’ 

The plan of God throughout history, from Genesis to Revelation, is progressing to the triumphant finale depicted in Revelation.  Performing our part in that great drama is foundational to our grateful response for salvation received. 

As the early Church was careful to remember the poor in their missionary enterprise (Gal.2:10), at Toberkeigh we try to support those Christian organisations which likewise attempt to proclaim Christ in word and action.  


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