When we meet

Our Prayer and Bible study meets each Wednesday at 8.00pm.  For a PDF of weekly updates click here.

What we do

We are currently exploring Paul’s letter to the Philippians, and are looking forward to feeding on the themes and theology of this letter. The call to thanksgiving and joy in view of the completed redemptive death and resurrection of Christ is inescapable. Who could ever have enough of that?

Pic of prayer bookWe recently benefited from rediscovering ways to pray for the people we love. As any Christian will admit, prayer is often difficult, and we remain in need of the right kind of advice and encouragement in this exercise. Recommended reading: 5 Things to Pray For The People You Love.  One feature we like about this little book is the clear way it directs the reader how to pray using Scripture as a guide.

Last autumn the Rev Douglas led us through the subject of missions.  For further reading see God’s Mission – Our Mission? produced by PCI, browse our missions links and resources for recommended books, and PCI’s prayer resources.  

Why we must

We believe our heavenly Father is both great and good, and has ordained prayer as the means by which he plans to accomplish many of his purposes. So we simply delight in the privilege to participate in the unfolding of redemptive history. A united sense of real need and recognition of answered prayer draws us to continue to pray for one another, our local community and the wider world. Our weekly prayer notes may be received by email upon request.  Join with us and share in the blessing.