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 Toberkeigh Sunday School is superintended by Ross McIntyre, assisted by Carol, Stephen, Mark and Philip, and currently runs 4 classes following the curriculum of Come Learn Go Teach. The children are also encouraged to memorise Scripture and the Shorter Catechism.

Pic of Come Learn workbookThe Church has often been viewed as the ‘school’ of Christ, and congregational catechisation on core beliefs has been for many years a common feature of our Presbyterian churches.  Take a look at some songs suitable for younger children, and our Sunday praise can be also be viewed by the previous Saturday to aid preparation. 

God invests His power in the Bible.  There is no power in any program, method or technique to change lives for eternity, only that which God has placed in His Word.  Thus, learning to read, understand and apply Scripture remains the focus of our Sunday School program as we endeavour to support parents in their God-given role. We depend on the Holy Spirit to use his written Word to apply the benefits of Christ’s work to every young person.

Philip leads our Bible Class, which is geared for teens, and follows its own curriculum.  They recently scaled the heights of what has been described as the greatest chapter in the Bible – Romans 8 – and are journeying through Joshua.  This class engages in inductive Bible study and aims to help young people learn how to read, interpret and apply the Bible.

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