Considering membership at Toberkeigh?

That is great!  Below are a few primers that may help you may prepare for this important step in your Christian life. 

Consider how you would answer the following questions.

  1. Have I responded to God’s call in the gospel?
  2. Do I believe the Bible to be God’s Word?
  3. Have I experienced conversion through repentance and faith?
  4. Am I justified and adopted by God?
  5. Do I love the God of the Bible and hunger to know him better?
  6. Do I love fellowshipping with God’s people?
  7. Do I make good use of my baptism?
  8. Has sanctification begun in my life?
  9. Is there evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in my life to which I can point?
  10. What motivates me to express love to God and neighbour?

Core Christianity offers some excellent material that focuses on the heart of our faith. E.g. Is Jesus God?

Some areas to consider and reflect upon by way of preparation:

  1. The Church
    1. The Nature of the Church
    2. The Government of the Church
    3. The Primary Doctrine of the Church
  2. The Bible
    1. God
    2. Man
    3. The Plan of Salvation
    4. The Blessings of Salvation
  3. The Sacraments of the Church
    1. Baptism
    2. The Lord’s Supper
  4. The Worship of the Churchpic of book presbytopia
    1. Reason for Worship
    2. Elements, Forms, Circumstances
    3. Presbyterian Liturgy
    4. Public, Private and Family Worship
  5. Church Membership
    1. Reasons for Church membership
    2. Requirements for Church membership
    3. Privileges of Communicant membership
    4. Duties of Communicant membership