Family Resources

For a preview of any family resource (or maybe even a loan) please ask Rev Douglas.  Some of these resources are only one in a series, and some of very recent publication.  We are truly blessed to have so much good material within the congregation. Please just ask!  Some of these resources will be reviewed in our blog in the coming months. See also songs for young children.

pic of beginners Bible popular with small family members  pic of discover Bible notes  pic of simonetta carr book, one of a series for the whole family            pic of hannula book        pic of prayer for the people you love resource    DVD resource of Jim Elliot  pic of the art of argument resource  pic of Jesus on Every Page resource  pic of a dream of reason meeting unbelief resource  pic of williamson catechism resource  pic of dave ramsey resource  pic of matthew henry whole Bibe resource  pic of big book of questions by Ferguson  pic of Gospel Powered Parenting resource by Farley  10 boys and girls resource  10 girls resource    pic of vreugdenhil church history resource  pic of Adams on Baptism resource  pic of long story short resource  pic of my first book of Q & A resource        pic of love that lasts book pic of meaning of marriage by keller