1517 – 2017 

Free Resources on Reformation Themes

Reformation500 is a golden opportunity to examine afresh what you believe and why you believe it. Doctrine matters and underpins all behaviour, no less religious practise. The central slogans heralded by the leaders of the Church at this time in her history give a timeless clarity to the gospel, and should continue to fuel our theology, piety and practise.

As denominations and organisations promote material on Reformation heroes and villains, and battles lost and won, take the opportunity to dig a little.  RC Sproul’s compelling overview of Luther to his adult Sunday School class may prove a winner with all the family. Carl Trueman is more demanding.

logo of LigonierLigonier Ministries are currently offering on Amazon Prime Video a series of 10 talks (approx. 25 mins) given by RC Sproul on Martin Luther.  These are very accessible for people new to the subject, and are, typically, of a high quality.  Could also be a useful group resource.

pic of truemanOver 30 audio lectures on the Reformation given by Professor Carl Trueman, thanks to Westminster Theological Seminary. Click here for iTunes to download.  This is simply a superb resource.

Christian history mag pic of Reformation500 editionChristian History Issue 115 introducing a 4-part series on Luther and the Reformation.  This may be a good place to begin for some readers as many explore the world-changing events in and around 1517.

Bitesize recordings on the history of God’s Church, which in the month of October are dedicated to the Reformation. 5 Minutes in Church History is an excellent resource for beginners and well-read alike.

Luther’s Small Catechism (1529), one of the two resources Luther, on his deathbed, wanted preserved (the other being his book on The Bondage of the Will). The rest could be burned! An App of Luther’s Small Catechism is also available free.

Other Resources

pic of Luther's A Simple Way to PrayIn 1535, when asked by his barber for advice on prayer, Luther wrote a letter in which he describes his own personal practice of prayer. This letter became a small book titled A Simple Way to Pray.  This Kindle edition is made available by Ligonier Ministries and contains some context material and a section on Luther’s use of the Psalms in prayer. For a free PDF of A Simple Way to Pray (not Ligonier edition) click here.

Suggested reading on Luther.