Picture of the 5-solasToberkeigh Presbyterian Church is dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and is dependent upon his help to render adoration that is worthy.  At Toberkeigh we make it our ultimate priority to listen to God’s written Word, and with his help respond as it directs. We believe God’s Word contains much guidance on worship, and that it alone should regulate and shape the elements, forms and circumstances of our worship. 

All of Scripture points to the person and work of Jesus, so we try to keep our Trinitarian worship Christ-centered. Like the Early Church which depended on the divine witness of the Holy Spirit to the risen Christ, at Toberkeigh we remain dependent upon God to persuade with irresistible effect sinner and saint to embrace Christ offered in His Word.

As the true knowledge of God in Christ is foundational to Christian worship, so we endeavour to grow in our understanding of the doctrine that underpins worship. We thus seek of necessity to understand God’s Word better, to experience its power and blessing in our lives, and to appreciate better the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs of Scripture, that our worship will be from the heart, soul, mind and strength.  

See What we believe for our accepted articles of faith.

As our site grows do search our blog for posts, resources and books on this subject as we desire to stimulate an ever-growing appreciation of gospel worship.  You can view our Sunday songs of praise, to which the occasional comment will be added.  Why not consider joining our choir?  Audio visual recordings of our services are available upon request.

Believers have no greater help than public worship, for by it God raises his own folk upward step by step.

John Calvin, Institutes IV.1.5.